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Notapor smithjulian » Mar May 14, 2019 6:11 am

Facebook banned 23 fake Italian accounts spreading wrong information from distrustful sources to ensure a clean environment for upcoming EU Parliamentary elections later this month.

Facebook, one of the most compelling social media platforms, is swarming with Fake and unverified accounts excessively employed by political campaigners as a tool to distract and divert voters in their own chambers. Such accounts act as the channel of communication for spreading fake news by political propagandists to create political turbulence during the election period. People participating in whatever actions these accounts ask them to perform, do not contemplate the notion that it might be an attempt to brainwash them. Fake social media accounts are being used to collect sympathy votes in local election campaigns and instigate outcries in global political movements.

With people excessively spending a huge portion of their lives exploring social media contents on a daily basis by using media like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, they are being invited to support myriad political causes, by sharing, endorsing or downloading.

But, in an effort to create a credible environment for upcoming EU Parliamentary election later this month, Facebook on Sunday, seized a number of Italian accounts active on its platform that were spreading fake news ahead of elections.

Facebook swears to control the outreach of fake news to avoid the implementation of harsh regulations
The European Union has issued warnings against foreign interventions in campaigning for the elections scheduled to be held between May 23-26 and in April, the election commission advocated media platforms like Facebook and Twitter to widen their efforts in taking down fake accounts before the poll.

“We have identified an array of fraud and duplicate accounts that weren’t complying with our authenticity policy, as well as several pages clearly violated the regulations on name changing”, a representative of Facebook in Italy highlighted the actions in an emailed statement.

“We also implemented strict actions against pages loaded with fake rumors and incorrect information repeatedly spreading false agendas” he expressed, adding that an investigating team of online activists Avaaz has prompted the decision.

Avaaz confirmed on Sunday that Facebook has disconnected at least 23 Italian accounts with the following strength of 2.46 million, consistently feeding false propaganda and manipulative content that are focused on misleading voters on issues ranging from migrations and vaccines to anti-Semitism.
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