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This is an addition to many of the usual class balance

This is an addition to many of the usual class balance

Notapor Gamerzone » Sab Jul 06, 2019 4:46 am

The day is good in World of Warcraft, because patch 8.1.5 is finally available, adding, among other things, two new breeds of allies: the Kul Tiran human and the well-trolled zandalari trolls. Unveiled a year ago for the first time when the battle for Azeroth was announced WoW Classic Gold, two races in the heart of the Azeroth conflict have long been waiting. Like all Allied races, those that start new forms of Kul Tiran or Zandalari, and then levels up to 110, they also deserve a cool armor that evokes the culture of this race.

Amendment 8.1.5, which is now available, is a minor content update that fills the gap between the major patches that drive the extension - but that does not mean that there is nothing to add. In addition to the two allied races, 8.1.5 also adds some new quests to the main history of the current war campaign, Azeroth's 'Heart quests with Magni Bronzebeard' and many other funny things, such as secret murder involving a rowdy guild leader.

This is an addition to many of the usual class balance, PVP and interesting update crafts that allow them to get special trading tools that have many different uses depending on the profession chosen. On April 16, the new mini-rally Crucible of Storms will also open. This rally has only two bosses, but it will be a good compromise between the current rally group and the next raid on the eternal palace of Azshara, which will be subject to update 8.2 (which should be published sometime this summer).

Two new islands will appear in the World of Warcraft Island expeditions next month, as well as a meaty update of Tides of Vengeance. Unfortunately, Havenswood and Jorundall look like nice dark places. So do not expect entertainment on the beach. Changes in what you will do in these expeditions that fuel the war between the Alliance and the Horde. Havenswood is a typical Kul Tiran port from the first screen shot, while Jorundall looks like a place you would not want to keep, with its high tomb and scary trees. There are no such disturbing trees anywhere. and be there for sightseeing anyway.

The old and new islands will contain two more events around the Azer collection and are waiting to fight a bit, trying to fill their pockets. 'Since the beginning of the battle for Azwa, we have continued sailing on the islands. In Tides of Vengeance, we tried to change things by adding Azerbaijan breaks and extras and adding a little more variety to what you can expect on a given island - Blizzard says. instead of invading, and Buy WoW Classic Items even invasions will have more variety, for example, you will be able to face the pirates of the Southern Sea and Elemental Earth during a future visit to the island. '
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